The main principles and general rules for the protection of personal data, and data sharing:

The General Authority for Foreign Trade protects the rights of visitors to this site, and maintains the confidentiality of their personal and sensitive information. This document has been prepared to clarify the privacy policy and to disclose the approach it follows in c collecting information and publishing it on the authority’s website and in line with relevant regulations such as the Perso​nal Data Protection System, which is one of the main pillars of building an integrated regulatory environment that supports the growth of the private sector and attracts foreign investments. This system ensures that the privacy of these data owners is preserved by setting procedures that regulate its collection and processing and limit its exploitation and misuse, and regulates the process of disclosing personal data according to specific controls that ensure optimal usage of it.

The General Authority for Foreign Trade website places the confidentiality of the information of its visitors and users at the top of its list of priorities, and the site management makes all efforts to provide a high-quality service to all beneficiaries, and the privacy policy described below is considered part of the terms and conditions of use of the General Authority for Foreign Trade website.

The General Authority for Foreign Trade does not collect personal information about you when you visit its website unless you specifically and willingly choose to provide this information to us. If you choose to provide your information, in order to obtain one of the Authority's services, we use it only to complete your request for information or services in accordance with these policies, and by using the General Authority for Foreign Trade portal, you agree to the privacy policy and confidentiality of information.

Visitors to the site and users of its services shall constantly review the terms and principles of the privacy policy to be aware of any updates to it; bearing in mind that the site management is not required to announce any updates to these terms and principles, and your use of the site means that you are aware of, and agree to these terms and principles and the ongoing amendments to them.

The General Authority for Foreign Trade is not responsible under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exceptional damages arising from the use or inability to use this portal.

Personal Information Security :

    The privacy and confidentiality of information document has been prepared to help visitors and users to understand the nature of the data collected from them when visiting the site, and how to deal with it. Where the site administration takes the appropriate measures and measures to maintain the personal information it has in a secure manner that ensures its protection from loss, unauthorized access, misuse, or unauthorized modification and disclosure. Among the most important measures in place in the authority to protect the visitor’s personal information:

  • That the personal data of users to be processed in a systematic and transparent manner, and that the user’s personal data processing results are fair, so as to ensure that there is no undue negative impact on the users’ interests.
  • The necessary personal data of the Users shall be collected to achieve the purposes of data processing, and the processing shall be carried out in accordance with the specific and clear purposes to the User.
  • The personal data of users shall not be kept in a format that enables identification of the data subjects for a period exceeding the period necessary to fulfill the purposes of data processing. It is worth noting that for forms that provide all user data, such as contact us or inquiries, the data remains in the backend of SharePoint unless the site administrator deletes it.
  • That the personal data of users are protected in a way that guarantees their privacy, and that it prevents illegal access, leakage, tampering or misuse.
  • We are using strict procedures and measures to protect the security of the information, and technology to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.
  • Regular and periodic update of protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed the standards.
  • Our employees are qualified and trained to respect our visitors’ personal information confidentiality.

Personal Information Collection​:

Once the user visits the website of the General Authority for Foreign Trade, the authority’s server records the user’s IP address, along with the date and time of the visit and the URL of any website from which you are referred to the portal of the General Authority for Foreign Trade.

  • Most websites, as soon as they are visited, place a small file on the hard drive of the visitor's device (browser), and this file is called "cookies". Cookies are text files, containing information that allows the site that placed it to retrieve it when needed during the user's next visit to the site, and this saved information, for example, is necessary to prevent the possibility of voting more than once in the questionnaires for the same user.

Protection of your privacy:

In order for us to be able to help you protect your personal information, we recommend the following:

  • The information provided by the concerned parties or persons of public interest in the trade remedies’ investigations of through the electronic system for investigations of trade remedies will be dealt with and classified in terms of the extent of its confidentiality, and how it is handled.
  • Contacting us immediately when you suspect that someone has obtained your password, usage code, or any other confidential information.
  • Do not give out your confidential information over the phone or the Internet unless you know the recipient’s identity.
  • You should use a secure browser, close unused applications, and ensure that your antivirus software is always up to date.
  • If you have any inquiries or opinions about privacy principles, you can contact the portal administration via the contact form on the Contact Us page.​
  • ​ In order to preserve your personal data, electronic storage and personal data transmitted are secured using appropriate security technologies.
  • This portal may contain electronic links to sites or portals that may use methods different from the methods used by us to protect information and its privacy, and we are not responsible for the contents, methods and privacy of these sites, and we recommend referring to the privacy notices of those sites.

Sending Electronic Messages:

When you inquire or request information about a specific service, or if you give additional information using any of the means of communication with the Authority, whether those means are electronic or non-electronic, such as requesting an inquiry on our website, we will use your email address to respond to your inquiries. It is also possible to save your email address, your message and our response to it for quality contr ul purposes, and we may do so for legal and regulatory purposes.

Main principles and general rules for data sharing:

We provide publishable data from its correct sources and ensure that it is not duplicated or conflicted with any other data.

We provide data for justifiable practical purposes aimed at achieving public interests, without causing any harm to the entities’ activities, the privacy of individuals, or the safety of the environment.

The Accessibility to the data by properly qualified and trained persons:

All information necessary for the exchange of data is shared, including the requested data, the purpose of its collection, its means of transmission, methods of preservation, the controls used to protect it, and the mechanism for its disposal. The security controls stipulated in the data-sharing agreement are applied.

Appropriate security contr uls are implemented to protect and share data in a secure and reliable environment, and in accordance with relevant regulations and legislation.

Ethical practices are applied during the data sharing process to ensure that it is used within a framework of fairness, integrity, honesty, and respect.