The Objective:


To protect the domestic industry from injury caused by dumped imports, subsidized imports, and to safeguard from the increase in imports. As well as to defend the Kingdom's exports that are subject to trade remedies proceedings, which contributes to achieving the Kingdom's objects in accordance with the Kingdom's vision 2030 by enhancing the competitiveness of domestic products, attracting investments, establishing new industries and increasing job opportunities.

    Main responsibilities of TRD:​


    1. Conducting trade remedies investigations and reviews according to the Law of Trade Remedies in International Trade and making recommendations on trade remedies measures (anti-dumping measures – countervailing measures - safeguard measures) according to the findings of the investigations and reviews.
    2. Receiving complaints from the domestic industry injured by dumped or subsidized imports or from the increase in imports, and providing technical assistance to the domestic industry in submitting the complaints.
    3. Defending the Kingdom's exports that are subject to trade remedies investigations and providing the necessary technical assistance to the Kingdom's exporters to defend their interests.
    4. Representing the Kingdom in hearings and conducting consultations and negotiations regarding the defense of Kingdom's  exports.
    5. Conducting on-the-spot visits and holding hearings and consultations related to trade remedies investigations.
    6. Representing the Kingdom in the Permanent Committee (Committee of Anti-injurious practices in international trade for the GCC states).
    7. Representing the Kingdom before international organizations in issues related to trade remedies.
    8. Addressing issues related to negotiations and consultations on trade remedies.
    9. Representing the Kingdom in national and international litigation procedures in cases related to trade remedies.
    10. Introducing the concept and the role of trade remedies in protecting the domestic industry by holding workshops with various sectors and exchanging experiences with other countries in the field of trade remedies.
    11. Providing consultations to the governmental and private sectors regarding issues of trade remedies.
    12. Supervising the draft of laws and regulations related to trade remedies in the Kingdom and their amendments by seeking public opinions in this regard.
    13. Providing the views and recommendations regarding the laws, regulations, and other governmental decisions in the Kingdom on issues of trade remedies, in consistence with the Kingdom's international obligations. ​