About KSA Permanent Mission to the World Trade Organization

​​​​KSA joined the World Trade Organization in 2005, and in order to strengthen the Kingdom's membership in the organization, the Permanent Mission was established in accordance with the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. (41) dated 1/2/1428 AH as an independent diplomatic mission of the Kingdom's to the United Nations, the European Branch in Geneva.


  • Representing KSA in WTO.
  • Maximizing KSA's gains, defending its interests, and participating in building a stable and transparent global trading system that serves the interests of the Kingdom.
  • Holding periodic meetings with the director-general of WTO for the purpose of discussing developments and explaining the policies established by the Kingdom.
  • Participating in the preparation of the biennial ministerial conference of the WTO Ministers of Trade.
  • Participating in periodic mini ministerial meetings.
  • Participating in the preparation of the biennial ministerial conference of the WTO Ministers of Trade.
    1. General Council
    2. Dispute Resolution Authority
    3. Trade Policy Review Authority
    4. Trade Negotiations Committee
    5. Commodity Trade Council
    6. Services Trade Council
    7. Intellectual Property Commercial Council
    8. Committees, task forces, and negotiating working groups of the organization.
  •  Conducting the necessary technical studies, reporting, and communicating to express the Kingdom's stances on the issues raised in the organization, preparing and submitting inputs at those meetings, and preparing reports to keep the General Authority of Foreign Trade updated.
  • Engaging with ambassadors of member countries to communicate KSA's views and efforts in contributing to the global multilateral trading system.
  • Participating permanently in events held by WTO and ambassadors of countries with distinguished trade relations with KSA.
  • Communicating weekly with the Kingdom's delegate to the United Nations in Geneva to coordinate positions on issues and exchange views for the purpose of regularizing such situations.
  • Coordinating bilateral meetings of the Kingdom's delegations and other delegations when they visit Geneva, participating in the organization's meetings, and following up on bilateral issues and concerns related to the organization's agreements.
  • Heading KSA's mission, and coordinating the Group of Arab States with the World Trade Organization and meetings, representing the group, and preparing and submitting inputs in this regard. ​
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