​Board of Directors

General Secretariat of the Board of Directors
The Executive Committee
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Audit Committee
General Administration of The Governor’s office
General Administration of Strategy and Economic Studies
Advisory C​​ommittee
Comprehensive Risk Committee
Communications and Media Department
Internal Audit Department
Risk Management and Compliance
Cyber-Security Department
General Department of Legal Affairs
Deputyship of Private Sector Affairs and Global Presence
  • General Department of Private Sector Affairs
  • Department of Private Sector Relations
  • Private Sector Partnership Department
  • General Administration for Global Presence
  • Department of Commercial Attaché
    Operations and reporting
  • Department of Business Councils Relations
  • Commercial Attaché
Deputyship of International Organizations and Agreements
  • Advisory Unit
  • Permanent Representative Office in WTO
  • General Administration of Legal and Technical Affairs
  • General Administration of Negotiations and WTO
  • Trade Agreements and Policies Department
  • Department of Commodities
  • Services, Investments and E-Commerce Department
  • General Administration of International Organizations
  • Department of Regional Organizations
  • Department of Economic Organizations and the Group of Twenty
Deputyship of International Relations
  • Department of Economic Reporting
  • General Administration for​ International Relations
  • Arabian Gulf Administration
  • Department of Europe
  • Department of Americas
  • Department of Africa
  • Department of Central and Western Asian
  • Department of Arab Countries
  • Department of East Asia and Australia
Trade Remedies Deputyship
  • Department of Investigations in Injury and Subsidy
  • Department of Complaints
  • Department of Investigations in Dumping and Subsidy
  • Department of Compliance, Policies and Quality
  • Department of Export Defense
Deputyship of Shared Services
  • Facilities and Services Management
  • General Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs
  • General Administration o​f Human Resources
  • Department of Documents and Archives
  • Facilities and service management
  • Department of Information Technology